Anti-Virus Essentials You Must Know

6 Things You Need to Know about Anti-Virus Software

1. Avoid malicious pages and links

The USA is an undeniable leader in hosting malicious websites, hacking, and spamming. Are you surprised with that fact? Be careful and watch out to detect the warning signs of suspicious links:

    • pop-up advertisements that try to make you download or install a program;
    • no encryption;
    • notification of the infection;
    • notification of the slow performance, etc.

Note: Don’t forget to check the software you have installed to get rid of any additional programs that you have not downloaded on purpose!

2. Mind downloads of free software

If the installation of a certain tool or program takes several additional steps, be careful with the extra options. Before you proceed, untick all the boxes that you do not need.

3. Remember that using torrented files is insecure stealing

Getting something that costs money for free is a trap for those who do not care about the morality of stealing intellectual property. Be ready that in some cases you will get released from the trap only if you pay to cyber thieves.

4. Be careful with email attachments

Never trust emails sent by unknown people or organizations. Do not reply! Do not open any links! Do not click on anything!

5. Always check the ads

Please note that most ads displayed on websites are not checked; they appear automatically and the company bears no responsibility for the consequences. Mind the fake ads!

6. Spot redirected traffic of the websites

Do not open weird web pages! Do not download anything suspicious! Restart your computer or smartphone if you see a warning flash or a weird page (or at least close the browser).

Stay safe online! But note that doing without proper antivirus software is no longer an option.