PC Got A Virus? How To Fix it in 3 Easy Steps

Get Rid of a Virus in 3 Easy-to-Follow Steps!

Do you feel that you get irritated working on your PC because it does not run smoothly? Have you noticed any malware or viruses that hit your laptop? There is no reason for panic! We will explain how to make your computer efficient again using 3 simple steps.

1. Run your computer in Safe Mode to tackle the viruses

First of all, disconnect the computer from internet connection and restart it to get the system in a state when it is possible to remove viruses. If you use a version of Windows that is older than Windows 8, press F8 several times while starting the computer to see the Advanced Boot Options Menu and select the Safe Mode. In Windows 10, first click the button Start and then select the Power button without rebooting the system. Hold down Shift and then start rebooting. When you see a menu on the screen, find the option Troubleshooting and select Advanced Options. You will see a selection of options to choose from. Select Startup Settings and then restart. Next, you just click Safe Mode (which is usually the last option).

Safe Mode running does not let the malware launch on startup automatically. You will see that you have a virus if your computer starts running much faster.

2. Delete temporary files

Click Start, and then All Programs, Accessories, System Tools to finally see Disk Cleanup. Select the option Files to Delete: Temporary Internet Files.

3. Get an efficient virus scanner

We recommend downloading a free Malwarebytes scanner on a different computer to a safe USB flash drive to plug it into a required computer. Install the virus scanner or just run it on the computer following the prompts. You can either stick with a speedy default option to catch the infections in about 10 minutes or run a full one hour long scan to flag up all the inflected files. Get rid of them by clicking “Remove Selected”.

Stay safe, protect your privacy, and do not neglect your Internet security. Use only reliable antivirus PC software!