Bullguard Overview

Founded in 2002, BullGuard has made it its mission to create reasonably-priced products that keep your devices safe in an increasingly connected world. Their internet security packages combine smooth performance and top-shelf protection with a suite of interesting value-added features.


BullGuard’s basic package features strong antivirus, anti-malware, phishing and ransomware protection. You’ll also get a ‘game booster’ which, as the name suggests, optimises your device’s performance and blocks pop-ups and other annoyances that may interfere with your gameplay.

However, it’s on the more expensive packages that you’ll find the most interesting features.

First up, BullGuard Internet Security and BullGuard Premium Protection come with a PC Tune Up feature. Put simply, BullGuard’s support will remotely access your computer (as long as it’s a PC, of course) assess it and get rid of unnecessary files and processes that may be slowing you down.

The two packages also have parental controls, a firewall and a vulnerabilities scanner. This latter feature scans your device for weak spots that could leave you open to hackers, such as unsecure WiFi connections or missing security updates.


No Hidden Fees
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  • Unobtrusive and smooth performance
  • Fast setup
  • Game booster for a superior online gaming experience
  • 24/7 tech support available on all plans


  • No phone support
  • Scan scheduling isn’t available on the Mac desktop app
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