Norton Overview

Norton antivirus is one of the longest standing antivirus products online, and a well-known brand that has been around since 1991, owned by Symantec. Although Norton has recently been overtaken by some of the newer and more advanced providers, they still have a huge customer base due to the trust they have built over the years.


The basic Norton plan is stripped back of features, but this makes it simple to use. This plan includes security & performance boost tools. An excellent choice for beginners looking for an easy to use solution.
With their more advanced packages, Norton can provide you with Antivirus, ID Protection, Firewall, Financial Protection, Parental Controls, Email and Spam Blocking, Password Manager, PC Optimisation tools and even 25GB online backup storage… all features for all devices would cost in the region of $70. However, you can buy all the features individually.
An interesting feature on Norton’s application is the ID theft & financial security, this helps monitor your ID and banking online to prevent fraud or criminal activity within your name.
Unique Features:

  • ID Theft & Financial Protection
  • Performance Tools
  • Free Customer Chat Support
  • Cloud Storage in advanced plans
  • Although Norton’s customer base looks to have slowed down from growing, we still believe they are one of the most advanced and trust worthy products in the market.


    No hidden fees
    Report Hidden Fees
    • $49.95 for standard plan
    • Norton will sometimes push you to upgrade to additional features


    Norton offer ID Protection a feature that is becoming important as online identity theft rises across the globe. We believe this will be released in almost all antivirus products within coming months but Norton were one of the first to integrate it.

    They have online backup included in the more premium plans, meaning you can automatically back up your computer daily using your antivirus solution.

    Like its competitors, Norton offer multiple channels to contact their support service. They allow you to contact them via online chat, email or phone. The Symantec support centre includes knowledge base, articles, videos and even an FAQ section that should answer any frequent questions you might have.


    Norton can become expensive with their premium plans if you need to protect multiple devices, however you will be guaranteed a product you can trust if happy to pay for it.

    Their cloud storage and backup feature is restricted to 25 GB meaning if you hold a lot of photos & videos that need regularly backing up this might restrict you.

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