PCProtect Overview

PC Protect is a new antivirus product, however there has been a lot of press about its growth in 2017. PC Protect initially launched as specific protection for PC’s, however recently introduced a Mac & Android version. It’s a simple app, but their security is extremely advanced which has led them to become a market leader.


The PC Protect app starts with a quick scan of your computer checking for malware, viruses or other security vulnerabilities after you install. This scan usually takes around 10 minutes which is quick in comparison to most products for the first scan.
The PC Protect antivirus section includes Quick Scan, Full System Scan & also real-time antivirus. Quick Scan & System Scan are good to use when you first install depending on how much time you have, once you have real-time activated you will unlikely need to run scans as it will automatically flag any threats.
An interesting feature on PC Protect is their two-way advanced firewall manager, a lot of Antivirus products stopped offering these features as they found it hard to keep up with constant Windows updates, however PC Protect have gone through the effort of keeping their customers supported with Firewall, a vital security feature for PC users.
Unique Features:

  • Advanced 2-Way Firewall
  • Offers free video tutorials to all customers
  • Device Manager to manage devices and threats
  • Secure Browsing VPN
  • We continue to believe PC Protect will continue to add to their excellent feature set, they have announced the launch of a security tool bar this month and have said it will be given free to all customers that have active paid accounts on launch date.


    No hidden fees
    Report Hidden Fees
    • Currently Running a $19.95 Promotion (Available until midnight)
    • No Hidden Fees

    PC Protect are currently running a promotion offering their full plan for only $19.95 – They also include a secure browsing VPN in with this price.

    Great Value for Money!


    PC Protect take security to another level, their real-time antivirus protects you and monitors every process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Quick Scan, System Scan, Real-Time, Firewall & an included VPN security tool this is best for people who care mainly about strong protection.

    PC Protect include the secure browsing VPN in with the standard plan, most antivirus companies make you pay more to have access to this feature.


    Due to them overloading the app with security features, it can initially be hard to get used to if you really want to try out all the features. Most users just activate real-time security which will automatically set all the necessary security settings.

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