Scanguard Overview

Scanguard pretty much tells you everything in the name, this isn’t just an antivirus app, it’s a full security suite designed to protect every aspect of owning a computer, smartphone or tablet. This is a growing solution amongst users looking to download a single app that protects all devices. Scanguard have designed one of the sleekest apps in the industry, check out their website for a taste of how the app looks on every device. Scanguard will instantly boost your protection & performance.

If this wasn’t such a new company in the industry it might just have got 1st or 2nd! Scanguard launched in 2016 but has since seen tremendous growth a support from the public.


We don’t want to bore you, so on this on we’ll get straight to a list of features Scanguard have included in their security suite. They have everything that most of us need.

  • Quick & System Scans that will thoroughly review your computer for hidden malware
  • Real-Time Antivirus (Runs silently in the background without slowing down your PC)
  • Advanced Firewall that monitors incoming & outgoing connections
  • Secure Browsing VPN (Keeps you private online)
  • Browser Cleaner to help speed up your online browsing
  • Redundant File Manager
  • Internet Protection
  • You wouldn’t think they were new to the industry from seeing this list of features, they have more in the app but we wanted to pick the main ones.
    Although they don’t have any unique features, they have it all.


    No hidden fees
    Report Hidden Fees
    • $19.95 Competitive Rate
    • No Hidden Fees


    With Scanguard you only need to purchase 1 app, and it will cover you for everything with their full security suite. All these features won’t slow down your computer like many antivirus products do.

    They offer 24/7 email, chat and phone support meaning you can contact them at any time if you have a question about the product or billing. Their support centre includes tutorial videos, information around virus types and also a FAQ section.


    Although Scanguard almost have every feature possible, they don’t currently have ID protection which is a growing need for many antivirus users. We foresee them releasing this within coming months.

    Their basic plan only includes 1 device, so for people looking to protect their Computer, Smartphone or Tablet at the same time will need to take higher priced plans.

    Updated: October 2018 Visit Site