TotalAV Overview is by far the biggest name in the antivirus market for 2017. With custom plans for every type of user, this product blows competition out of the market. Their easy-to-use app supports all operating systems and plans include Smartphone & Tablet security. TotalAV is a provider you can trust to look after you and your family for life.


The TotalAV application has a clean, easy to use interface, and it takes only minutes to setup. Once you’ve purchased TotalAV you can instantly download it and activate real-time protection, meaning you will be protected in no time.
The application will start by running a diagnostic scan on your computer to make sure there are no hidden vulnerability’s when you first install, once it has checked for any virus or malware, it will provide other recommendations that can help you further protect your device or improve performance.
An interesting feature on TotalAV is the secure browsing tool, this will allow you to browse safely and privately online or even protect yourself when connecting to public WIFI hotspots. Just simply choose a location and hit ‘Connect’ to activate this feature.
Unique Features:

  • Smartphone & Tablet Security Applications Included
  • Boost tools to help speed up your computer or mac
  • File Manager to help protect & manage your files
  • Secure browsing tool for staying safe online
  • Helpful Video Tutorials
  • TotalAV have announced the launch of Identity Protection, Search Privacy, 1 Click Backup & Restore, AdBlock and more.


    No hidden fees
    Report Hidden Fees

    TotalAV have multiple plans with their essential plan only $19.95. Although we recommend the $39 Pro Antivirus plan if you are after protection for all the family. They have a 30-Day Money Back guarantee included with all plans.

    All plans Include real-time antivirus, so once you’ve downloaded the application you can let it run in the background and stay protected without having to worry.


    TotalAV has grown faster than any antivirus provider over the past few years, the main reason for this is value for money… It’s an antivirus service you can trust but also is costs less than most products out there.

    Their customer support is incredible with English speaking support agents, if you aren’t happy about something just give them a call and they’ll sort it instantly.

    TotalAV’s product doesn’t slow down your PC, it speeds it up. Most Antivirus products normally slow down your computer from the intense CPU usage, TotalAV have simplified their security processes to ensure your PC continues running fast. They also have integrated features that are designed to help you speed up your computer.


    Their VPN feature could offer more locations, relevant to any extensive VPN user. They only currently have around 20 locations you can connect to, it doesn’t allow you to connect to places like Hong Kong or China.

    TotalAV don’t currently offer protection for iPhones, they have a great iOS app for managing files and photos but no security features. Android however is fully covered with an advanced antivirus application.

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