Top 10 Anti-Virus FAQs

  1. My friends say that if I have an iPhone, it is absolutely secure and it does not need any measures taken to protect my personal information. Is it really so? 

    It is a common misperception that leads to disastrous consequences. Each smartphone requires security measures to ensure the protection of the data.

  2. My computer is running slowly. What can be the reason? 

    One of the most common problems that make your computer slow and ineffective is the malware running in the background. Regular scans with a reliable security suite can resolve the issue

  3. I am obsessed with the security issues and I want to install two or even more antivirus programs to be sure that all my files are safe. Is it a good solution? 

    It is recommended to use only one powerful security suite that will not only keep you safe but also help to speed up your work. Otherwise, two programs running simultaneously will block each other and slow down your computer.

  4. How can I get parental control on my computer to secure my kids from the undesirable online content? 

    It is easy to keep an eye on your children even when you are not at home. Check the antivirus packages that you have chosen and find the toolbox of extra options. One of the most valuable solutions that providers of antiviruses offer is a possibility to monitor the online behavior of your children.

  5. I do all my shopping online and I am worried about the security of my banking information. How can I protect myself from being robbed? 

    Check your antivirus software package and see if the Safe Shopping option is included. This feature provides an encrypted browser which you are most welcome to use while doing online shopping.

  6. I am tired of spam flowing daily in huge amounts. Is there any solution that can help me get rid of those endless emails? 

    Take all the possible precautions and try not to download any unwanted software. Keep your emails hidden from bots and use the latest antivirus software to minimize your exposure to spam.

  7. How can I know which antivirus software to use? Each of my friends recommends a different one. 

    The most effective antivirus software is the one that you find the most convenient. Evaluate a number of products and try them on your PC or smartphone to make sure you are satisfied with the result.

  8. Can free antivirus software installed on my PC really protect my personal information? 

    Some free antiviruses are effective, but in most cases you get what you pay for. The level of your security will not be high if you neglect paid-for options.

  9. Does my antivirus software require costly and time-consuming maintenance? 

    Modern antivirus programs require proper set-up and regular updates. It is neither expensive nor time-consuming.

  10. Is it safe to surf the Internet with no antivirus software installed? 

    Absolutely no! If your data is not protected, you take a huge risk every time you go online.