What’s the difference between Antivirus and Internet Security Software?

Internet Security Software vs. Antivirus Software

You are definitely an informed Internet surfer totally aware of numerous threats and online attacks that happen daily. Therefore, you cannot leave your computer or any other device without reliable antivirus software installed. However, that is not everything that you can do to ensure the protection of all your Internet data and interactions! Try enhancing the security of your device with the help of Internet security software and check all the pros and cons of using Internet Security Software and antivirus software.

Which factors should you consider while selecting the security suite you need?

– Efficiency of protection

Internet Security Software is the undeniable winner in this competition. It offers protection of the system against a bigger number of malicious programs in comparison with antivirus software.

– Loading time required

You will definitely prefer using the software that takes less time for scanning, loading, and actual cleaning of the system. In that case, the antivirus software has the advantageous position as it has lighter versions for laptops and does not require much memory.

– Time required for scanning

It is much easier to work with the antivirus software that does selective periodical check-ups without slowing down the work of your computer or other gadgets.

– Pricing

There is no need to waste money if it is possible to pay a reasonable price for good quality services. If being contrasted, the antivirus software is cheaper to run ($20-35 per package compared to $30-90 paid for Internet security software).

To sum up, benefit from the Internet security software if you deal with clients’ personal details or financial transactions. However, if it is only about fighting the malware off devices or computers, antivirus software is sufficiently reliable.