Why a Paid Antivirus Service is Streets Ahead of a Free Antivirus Service

Free Antivirus Solution vs. Paid Antivirus Software

There is a paradise of free things people get nowadays. They make calls for free, send emails for free, download free maps, send free messages, and do hundreds of other things without paying for that. Have you ever wondered why some services are provided without any fee? People get what they want and pay nothing for that. “Cui prodest?” people used to ask a long time ago. “To whose advantage?” they keep asking now seeing a number of free services offered online.

Have you ever thought about the information these companies acquire providing seemingly free services? Why do they collect information about your likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies, and travels? In fact, you become a product when you agree to obtain some free services. What you get is the antivirus solution, but you provide all your personal details to the company that can sell the obtained information to those who need it.

There are plenty of free options for those who want to install antivirus software programs spending nothing. However, do paid versions ensure better performance? Actually, the basic performance is done by both versions at the same level; however, new threats are better detected and fought by the paid solutions as they have much more elaborate equipment.

Paid antivirus solution programs offer not only protection of the data but also give a whole package of extra options that turn out to be very helpful: technical support over the phone, parental control, and lack of distracting ads. Locking down the system, paid solutions allow selecting particular features, setting new rules, taking into consideration all the exceptions in behavior, effective firewalls to ensure intrusion prevention, Windows PC conflict scans, and others. So, it is really worth it to pay more.